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The Kingdom of God

Calling all Warriors

Calling All Warriors

Though destruction, devastation and violence is everywhere
We need not give way to hopelessness or despair;

Though hearts are being broken and lives are being shattered

We must not turn a cold shoulder as if this does not matter;

Let us raise our cry to heaven and intercede

To our Father in heaven let us all continually plead;

Father please bring revival to our land

By the power of Your Mighty Hand;

Let it start with me Jesus; people let it start with us all

Let’s rise up and answer Heaven’s call.

Remember that by the shed Blood of Jesus

The Victory has already been won;

So let us all pray,

“Lord Your will on Earth as it is in heaven be done!”

Lord make my life a prayer to You;

Who else wants to do what He wants us to do?

God is calling You and me and I am just saying;

Get on your knees and let's get to prayin’!!

God is faithful and His Word is TRUE

For intercession, God is counting on me and you;

In Jesus' name, not our own;

Let do this people – so that HIS GLORY will be shown!
Do not tremble and do not fear

When Satan and his demons are near.

Strike them with the sword of His Spirit – His mighty Word;

To all the powers of hell, we must make our voices be heard.

Submit to God, resist the enemy and he must flee;

By the power of Jesus' name, captives WILL BE set free.

Our God is mighty and strong,

So let's march forth with a victory song.

Let us walk by faith and not by sight;

And never, never, never give up the fight!